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Bio/ Reviews

John graduated with a

BFA in Musical Theatre from

Point Park University and immediately joined the Actors' Equity Association. Since then, his work has been seen onstage across the nation, and internationally, at many of the world's most prestigious theatres.


John also wrote and starred in his own webseries entitled SMASH'd, originally produced by The STAGE Network.

Here is what the CRITICS say about John:



"In this performance, an outrageously funny, gifted actor, understudy John Wascavage took on the daunting task of playing the role of “The Suspects... One by one the guests “appear” and with his rubber face and elastic body akin to Jim Carey or the famous physical comedian Frank Gorshin, Wascavage shifts into each of the characters in a nanosecond."

~ Beverly Cohn, Santa Monica Mirror


"[Pseudulos] has wonderful foils, including Wascavage as Hysterium, majordomo to the family of Psueudolus' owner and an easy target for Pseudulos' machinations. His unnerved rendition of "I'm Calm" rates as high as the quartet "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid,"

~Harriet Howard Heithaus, Naples Daily News


"And there is so much to love about the Front Porch Theatricals production of “A New Brain,” which boasts an impressive star turn by John Wascavage as Gordon, who finds himself in need of urgent physical and emotional repairs.

John Wascavage_ Headshot 2 uncropped.jpg

Mr. Wascavage recently headlined the CLO Cabaret musical “Up and Away,” playing a hick with lots of heart. Here, he plays an urban wit who seems heartless on the surface, although he is blessed with a mother, agent and lover who all dote on him. He’s a mass of insecurities, shrouded in rudeness, and suddenly, he is facing death, which has his biting wit working on overdrive.

Yet you still find yourself rooting for Mr. Wascavage’s Gordon, a testament to the actor’s ability to give the character complexity with a look and infuse emotion into a range of Broadway-pop songs."

~Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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